You are sitting in a meeting with your peers. You suddenly have an idea, what do you do?
A co-worker shares an idea for a project you are both working on, what is your reaction?
You are working with a group and suddenly there is a disagreement. How do you react?
How do you react when something unexpected happens at work?
How often do you do things you are not good at or are new to you (in your personal and/or your work life)?
When you are in a high-stakes conversation, what is your typical behavior?
Are you good "on your feet" when you have to verbalize or react on the spot?
How do you react when a project fails?
You have to collaborate with someone who has a very different style than yours (i.e. Introvert-extrovert, analytical-intuitive, direct-indirect, factual-emotional, relationship-transaction etc.). How do you react?
You are in a meeting and you disagree with the direction in which the conversation is going. What do you do?
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