Looking for a more in-depth service to transform your company?

We have spent the past 15 years helping the best global companies embrace and practice basic behaviors that build the foundation for successful innovation processes and foster a culture of innovation. The art form of improvisation is accessible, memorable, and contains effective ways to focus on the fundamental human behaviors that make innovation happen without the complication of software, org charts or titles. Our clients tell us time and time again that our methodology and exercises are an exceptional vehicle to allow learners to experience the power of simple behavioral tweaks that increase their own and their team’s innovation potential and capability.


We firmly believe that intentional and continuous practice is needed to transform behaviors, and that a one-time event, while fun and inspirational, seldom results in sustainable change. We can also assist you with targeting key innovation behaviors and delivering a series of events or a train-the-trainer program that will move the needle for your organization.


Our experience has taught us:

  • Innovation comes from people, not processes or tools. Our programs will help you arm your people with ways to practice the behaviors that will help them innovate.
  • A train-the-trainer model is more value for your dollars, as you gain internal experts and ambassadors.
  • Learning that is hands-on and fun is more likely to stick – use our talents to weave in humor and keep the learning front of mind.


We have found that a successful comprehensive learning program focused on behaviors typically consists of elements in the following three broad categories: awareness, education and sustainability. The awareness phase is about generating interest and buzz around the learning initiative, which motivates the learners to participate and gives them a high-level understanding of the content. Next, education has the team member diving into the learning and practicing the desired skills/behaviors continuously. Sustainability make the behaviors habitual and is about reminders and tools learners can utilize to maintain engagement and support their application of the learning. And finally, the lifestyle offerings gives the learner the option to integrate the curriculum into their daily lives in and out of the workplace.


We’ve built a clear model that shows exactly how this process works within a large corporation, you can download an example here. However, each business has different needs and goals and so we create a highly customized program for each of our clients.


Contact us to and we can talk through the various options available to you so you can start really transforming your business today.