The learning doesn’t stop just because the conference or training program is over!


Transforming the mindset and behaviors to be more innovative is a process that requires dedication and commitment – and we know, once the conference is over, everyday living can get in the way. This is why we have created a series of tools so that you can keep working and see real results in yourself and your teams. Whether you are looking to hone your sales skills using the mindset of discovery or you need a quick reminder about how you can create a culture of innovation and resilience these tools provide everything you need to keep learning.


Virtual Training

John is frequently asked to adapt his messages for the virtual environment and he loves to engage global audiences with his signature sense of humor and creative ways to utilize technology to foster participation. He often mixes in unexpected comedic elements with the help of his actors from the Brave New Workshop. As with our live speaking and training events, Sweeney and the Creative Outreach team take a consultative approach to ensure our programs are well-integrated into the goals clients have outlined for the virtual training experience. To discuss how we can create a unique online tool for your needs simply contact us.


In addition to customized programs, we have a few tools ready to be experienced right away, take a peek below:

  • The Innovative Mindset: Improvisation and Business in the 21st Century – The Economist Group
    The 21st century world is fast-changing and unpredictable. We have to be intentional about building and maintaining a mindset which allows us to focus our time and energy on productive activities, and forward moving innovation if we want to thrive. The innovative mindset of discovery is a set of attitudes and behaviors which were derived from 55+ years of studying, teaching and performing improvisation at the Brave New Workshop, the longest-running satirical and improv comedy theater in the U.S. In this course you will gain insight into the mindset of discovery and its benefits as well as practical tools and techniques to help you spend more time in it. The goal of the course is to increase your ability to weave innovation in your everyday life at work and at home.
  • Change & Innovation Through Brainstorming – MediaPartners
    In this video, Sweeney reveals the eight secrets to successful brainstorming.
  • Creating a Safe Creative Environment – MediaPartners
    The second video features Sweeney teaching leaders how they can work to build a safe creative environment.
  • Leadership Development – Skillsoft
    As part of Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Channel, Sweeney hosts a series of Leadership QuickTalk videos under the theme “Lead Like an Improviser.” Using the improvisational techniques he’s honed as an improviser and speaker, Sweeney shows people how to use skills to declare their point of view, observe versus critique, serve the customer first and accept all ideas as gifts.



Become a Sales Master: The 30-Day Sales Boost Challenge – Udemy
The Essential Comprehensive Skills Workout for All Sales Professionals Who Want to Wow Clients and Increase Sales


Even before buying the theater and becoming an improviser, John was a successful sales professional, but he wishes he knew then what he does now, as the skills required for improvisation can be directly correlated to successful selling techniques. With the help of a few simple improvisational behaviors John was able to grow his business from four employees and $260,000 in annual revenue to eighty-five employees and over $3 million in annual revenue. He remains the Chief Sales Officer of his company and he attributes his success to his ability to be curious and truly listen to his clients, be diligent about building solutions for their specific needs, be nimble and persist when he encounters objections, and remain confident in the value he brings.


John’s methods have been honed and perfected as a result of over 15 years of collaboration with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, PwC, General Mills and UnitedHealth Group.
He has found that improvisation is the perfect vehicle to work on one’s selling mindset and behaviors, because it breaks down complex social interactions, people dynamics and cultural norms to the very basics of humanness and how we collaborate, communicate and create.


This course is set up as a 30-day challenge. Each day, John will give you a new sales thought or concept to work on for the day, as well as a challenge activity to help make the integration real so you can start seeing tangible sales results. And… because it comes from John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop team, you can count on this not being your typical sales training. Over the course of the next month, expect to laugh and grow a little each day, while painlessly gaining an entire arsenal of new selling techniques.




The 30-Day Sales Boost Challenge is a tool that any professional in the sales world should be taking advantage of, no matter how many years of experience they have. John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop team do a wonderful job of implementing facets of improv into the daily sales world. The content is very clear and easy to grasp, but when applied it can move mountains. I love the platform, which makes going through the daily lectures, videos, and questions easy, and limits distractions that would come in a less-efficient platform. I would recommend the 30-Day Sales Boost Challenge to anyone.

Udemy Course Participant October 1, 2015


Free Resources


From Fear To Discovery – PDF

This two-page visual tool will serve as a constant reminder of the 5 simple ways you can harness a mindset of discovery!