Keynote Topics

John’s keynotes are a high-octane and content-rich way to instill the behaviors and mindset of innovation into your team at your next corporate event.


Each session is completely tailored to the needs of each organization. However, the below topics will provide you with an insight into the tools and takeaways your team will walk away with.


From the C-suite to the sales team, these practical, high-energy and dynamic topics will put you on the right track!


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Building Innovation Athletes

Creating The Foundation Of An Innovative Culture


“Ideate! Think bigger! Act like an entrepreneur!” Everyone agrees that innovation is crucial for business survival, but the focus is often on systems and processes.


John Sweeney will show you how to grow a culture of innovation by discovering the innovative behaviors needed. With an unparalleled understanding of why we do what we do, John harnesses his 15 years of working with the world’s top corporations to give you tangible tools to tackle the biggest enemy of innovation…FEAR!! Fear of failure is stifling the creative genius locked inside your teams.


With his signature humor and energy John will:


  • Show how neuroplasticity is a co-operative component in strengthening creative muscle.
  • Demonstrate how to avoid analysis paralysis.
  • Share how teams can create a safe open space, where innovation happens.
  • Give each attendee 5 behaviors to become world-class innovators.

Looking to increase the performance of your sales team? Then this keynote is for you!


Story Selling

Architecting A Mentality Of Service In Your Teams

Whether you are selling cars, homes or medical equipment there is one thing that will make or break the sale – whether the customer feels involved in the story. More than price and features, emotions and perceived value will determine the decision.


An authority on human behavior, John Sweeney shows how to connect with customers by educating sales teams on how to draw buyers into the story with unrivaled success.


Through well-tested tools such as “The Big 5,” “Yes, And…” and “An Attitude of Service” John will:


  • Equip your sales team with the tools to close the sale and upsell based on what the customer really needs.
  • Train how to adopt an agile mindset that continues the sales conversation in any situation or objection.
  • Give tools to build confidence to use consultative selling skills.
  • Provide teams with the ability to elevate their value proposition.
  • Demonstrate ways to develop human connections to build deeper sales relationships.

Want to equip your leaders with the tools in lead in a mindset for discovery, look no further:


Mindful Management

Re-Framing Challenges Into Learning Opportunities

Fear is the biggest inhibitor of effective leadership. The more our brain is preoccupied the harder it is to strategize and problem solve and inefficiency and ineffectiveness follows throughout the organization.


With over 15 years experience working with corporate leaders to tackle this problem John Sweeney has developed simple yet efficient tools to improve each leader’s mindset, while also influencing the behavior and performance of their teams.


This transformative session will help leaders re-frame how they tackle everyday problems and truly transform their corporate culture.


Key takeaway tools for audience members include:


  • Best practices for inspiring high achievement in teams and in individuals
  • Simple ways to draw out hidden talent from team members
  • The key steps towards driving a culture of self-mastery
  • How to master being ‘calm and collected’ when faced with chaos

We all know that change is the only constant, so if you want to create a culture that thrives on challenge this is the session for you:


Comfortable Discomfort

The Keys To Building Positive Resilience

Change has become a constant in today’s business world, so why are employees and leaders still struggling to embrace it? Because change is uncomfortable, it inspires fear and negativity – the key, to not just surviving but thriving, is to adapt a mindset of discovery. In this dynamic presentation. John applies his in-depth understanding of human behavior to create a culture of agility in the face of uncertainty, meaning delegates will walk away seeing change as vital fuel instead of an insurmountable obstacle.


His effective change management tools will:


  • Empower managers to create an architecture of change that enables high performers to shine.
  • Drive a desire within delegates to reach their potential through self-mastery.
  • Drive clear and thoughtful communication that counteracts uncertainty.
  • Expand participants’ mindsets to include the infinite and currently unknown opportunities that change can bring.


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