The learning doesn’t stop just because the conference or training program is over!


Transforming the mindset and behaviors to be more innovative is a process that requires dedication and commitment – and we know, once the conference is over, everyday living can get in the way. This is why we have created a series of tools so that you can keep working and see real results in yourself and your teams. Whether you are looking to hone your sales skills using the mindset of discovery or you need a quick reminder about how you can create a culture of innovation and resilience these tools provide everything you need to keep learning.


Web-Based Training

John was so frequently asked to adapt his message to web-based technology, video and virtual forums that we decided to create an online learning tool; these videos incorporate the interactivity of John’s keynote and training sessions within the convenient framework of an online tool.

As with our live training events and web seminars, Sweeney and the Creative Outreach team take a consultative approach to ensure our programs are well-integrated into the goals clients have outlined for the online training experience. To discuss how we can create a unique online tool for your needs simply contact us.

In addition to this customized program below are three options, created in conjunction with our media partners that will help lead your team towards a culture that facilitates and nurtures innovation and change.

  • Change & Innovation Through Brainstorming – MediaPartners
    In this video, Sweeney reveals the eight secrets to successful brainstorming.
  • Creating a Safe Creative Environment – MediaPartners
    The second video features Sweeney teaching leaders how they can work to build a safe creative environment.
  • Leadership Development – Skillsoft
    As part of Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Channel, Sweeney hosts a series of Leadership QuickTalk videos under the theme “Lead Like an Improviser.” Using the improvisational techniques he’s honed as an improviser and speaker, Sweeney shows people how to use skills to declare their point of view, observe versus critique, serve the customer first and accept all ideas as gifts.

Free Resources

From Fear To Discovery – PDF

This two-page visual tool will serve as a constant reminder of the 5 simple ways you can harness a mindset of discovery!